Queen of Cups


This queen “knows” things, and to make it even better, she never tells!!!  She, represents the water signs of the zodiac. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, these are the ones that will most likely be a psychic, astrologer, numerologist, tarot card reader, Life coach, teacher of any kind, perhaps even a priest, or spiritual leader, her strongest gift however, is “Empathy”  she feels things very deeply, and she feels what “Others” are feeling! Her challenge is learning which feelings are her and which feelings belong to someone else. She’s very connected to the divine. This is the queen of love and emotions. When this Queen falls in love she is loyal to a fault. she has a forgiving nature sometimes too, forgiving. These queens have a mysterious nature, which instantly makes them attractive to anyone, men or women. They absolutely love her and want to be around her. This is the queen that loves, love. She loves to fall in love, she loves to talk about love, she likes to watch movies about love, but yet, she is unable to find this for herself and because of this, she suffers heart ache like no other queen of the Tarot. She, learns, heartache at a very young age but yet she still tries, to find the love that, she so desires. And will risk breaking her, heart yet again. Some would say, this is a foolish thing to do, however,because of the failed relationships, this has made her very, very,wise. She can spot a liar, from across the room, she knows if you’re lying or if, you’re telling the truth, she can tell if you are on her side,or if you are Trying to manipulate her. Do not try to, fool  this Queen. This, will probably be your only warning.

If the queen of cups, should come up in a reading, but doesn’t represent the querent,then perhaps maybe the querent, needs to ask her for advice, OR if you are wanting to know about your “gifts” This is an excellent card to see then, she can tell you, it may take hard work and dedication it’s “intuition” that you have to learn if you know you weren’t born with it.  However, if you were born with it, then she is here to tell you to hang on, your about to start your “psychic” ride. So sit back and enjoy it, (who is giving this reading, is she a water sign?)

If this card DOES represent the querent, then this is the advice, it’s okay to seek the advice from friends or family. Look especially to the feminine wisdom who are, all around you. Your journey will, be determined by your emotional considerations, regardless of your professional success.

If this is a “yes” or “no” question The queen of cups, tells you to have a look at the surrounding cards. She has not made up her mind, so her answer is not clear at this time. I think she wants to see the rest of the cards  before she gives her answer. She grants you a clarification card, if you should need one.

Seasons/Timing is: June 11th-July 11th

~iLya iNez~

September 4, 2018



Knight of Pentacles

Timing/Seasons: August 12 to September 11

Answer to yes or no question
This knight carries a “Yes” with him
And because the pentacles represent the element of Earth,

This person may be a Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Most likely in the age group between
20-35 years


Travel in the future perhaps for work,a young person who is loyal and trustworthy, dependable,honorable, good news coming about career,if you have been dependable and responsible, and ambitious.However can be quite stubborn. Likes to finish what he starts.He believes in hard work. And believes with persistence. All his wishes will come true and he’ll be able to, help those that his cares about. A person who keeps their emotions low key. 


He brings you a wish if you have been persistent and have recently persevered in your recent challenges.

Septembers Gallery


– September 2018

September 1


September 2, 2018


For the Queen of Swords

Every Libra Needs a Glass of Wine


9-3-2018 Was a holiday, I hope you all had a wonderful day!

See you Tuesday for the next journal entry.


September 4, 2018

September 5

7 of Pentacles

New Journal Style for 7 of Pentacles


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September 6


September 7


September 8



 Tarot Journal Writing. I really do not like writing in a journal, however I am creative in other ways, I make my journal pages, pretty and freestyle. Never went to school for any of this. But that has never stopped me. Please,,  don’t let me keep you , go check out my August Cards.


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by: ~iLya iNez~

 The crown, in the background tells me that you have achieved something big spiritually, recently. Recent Enlightenment has brought with it a new balance and self-control. Communication in every aspect has, been achieved whether; you were, trying to communicate with somebody at work or in your personal life or your significant other if there was something that was bothering you that you needed to discuss it this says that it has been discussed. Your emotions have, been put into check you are peaceful and calm now because of all of this. Now the Temperance card, is, trying to say that you are supposed to be filling your cup up with the spirit that’s, at your spirit needs. now is the time to fill, your cup, with spirit this is your message.


I feel that the answer to this card for yes or no would be a yes I also feel that the time period, for this card is 5 months and by, the scenery the card with the icy mountains in the background and the archangel’s standing in, a freshwater pool, of water and pretty flowers signifies, early spring to me so I’m thinking that the months, between October and April would, fit this card perfectly.

I’m, also going to say that because 1 + 4 equals 5 that 5 has a very good significance here, the five means change and this tells me that something in your life has changed and being a fixed number that 5, is it was a belief system something you strongly believed in with all of your heart for most of all of your life is now changed. for me I didn’t, I recycle and with this Enlightenment of, the HANGED man that I’ve had I have now come to realize that I need to recycle I need to do my part and that’s just a an, example of how I see this Temperance, card coming, to play in my life.

 September 9, 2018


 Sagittarius Card November 21 to December 21


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King of Cups

September 9

KINGCUPS King of Cups

This king reminds me of “Jon Snow” He welcomes other points of view, when it comes to finding a solution to the problem at hand. If you need help in achieving your goals, this is the man to ask. His motives or pure and his advice, valuable, and should be considered in any course of action. If you have a man like the King of Cups as your boss, your are one lucky person. He understands some people have limitations in certain situations. He’s not good with expressing his emotions, so his way of showing that he cares, he helps you to achieve your goals or through his own personal experiences, when he gives advice. Just remember, IF you ask this kings advice and don’t take stock in it, you will most likely end up in the very place you were trying to avoid. For anyone who is lost or confused, this is a man who can and will help, all you have to do is “Ask” after all, He has learned to ask for a helping hand when he needs. This is what makes him wise, his past failures along with his successes. Which you can only gain thru experience, when he was a young knight, he was much different. Swift and quick to action are the knights, but as a King his ability to make quick and uneasy decisions are partly because, somewhere in his past he was “unable” to make the decisions needed, and most likely “failed” of course like the Tower when it knocks you on your ass,you change, you reevaluate, you grow, you manifest, and then you succeed. This man of authority has more compassion than the other kings. The most chaotic situations and his voice will always remain calm. He knows what panic can do. Listen as he will reassure you!!This king is the one you go to when you feel like no one can help. He genuinely knows he is here to help and support his people.

     Time/Season Autumn/fall Oct. 13 thru Nov. 21

His answer for your “yes or no” question

Have patience, the answer you seek, will come when the time is right and not a moment before.